Fish welfare from an effective altruism perspective

Fish welfare from an effective altruism perspective

Simon Eckerström Liedholm, Styrelsemedlem i Effektiv Altruism Sverige och doktorand vid Zoologiska Institutionen, Stockholms universitet

14.00–14.45 | Per-Albinrummet
In English / på engelska


Even by the lowest estimates made by the UK organisation Fishcount, global fishing and fish farming affect more animals than all other factory farming put together.

Furthermore, most of the current methods of industrial fishing do not include any stunning prior to death, and fish in fish farms often experience unnatural and confined environments with the potential for inducing high levels of stress.

This lecture will focus on the most promising ways to reduce fish consumption and the suffering of fish in the fishing and fish farming industries.

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Simon Eckerström Liedholm